About Fifteen


Cheryl Garner (2013)

Fifteen years. Times of change, of ageing, of sorrow. Times of lives brought into being, and of ending. Fifteen years of journeys and of travel. Glimpses of joy and periods of contentment. Fifteen years accumulating scars, reading and listening. Almost one generation, spanning two centuries. Two points with a life between. Times for thought, for peace, for taking stock. Two points: each between loves, each an ending in itself. Fifteen years between the end and the end. An interlude.

Fifteen years. Benjamin, Kristeva, Perec, Sparklehorse, Carver, Chandler, Gainsbourg, Akhmatova, King Creosote, Rilke, Neruda, Cage, Irigaray, Cixous, Pulp.

Fifteen Journeys. Who is watching who; imposing dreams, hopes, wishes, fears on those around you; inventing characters; he, she, them, they, were, are, might be, have been; the sorrow keeps recurring; commuting – trapped in a metal box and in a time you can’t escape; hoping to see the end (or is it a beginning?); seeing new possibilities at every station; he knows her (he just doesn’t know it yet); she will escape all of this; he has a crush developing on him; he is alone in that inverted commas relationship close inverted commas; there is no other for either of them; there is no other for me. It is love.

Gavin Jones (2013)


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