15 Doubts

1. Times.

2. Seat numbers.

3. Bikes.

4. Luggage racks.

5. Toilet lock.

At the intersection between surveillance and revelation there must come a point of doubt, and that doubt becomes – for a while at least – freedom. There are questions there within which life can find expression. Nothing is resolved, the possibilities begin to multiply and to expand. New dreams are glimpsed, until that point of knowing is reached.

6. Seating arrangement.

7. Window glass.

8. Driver’s cabin door.

9. Live rail.

10. Announcements

Then the possibilities collapse into newly formed old truths and certainties. We know who you are. We know what you do. We know where you go, where you have been. We know what you want. You no longer live in doubt: your own or ours. You are our truth again.

11. The man in the rain coat.

12. The girl with pink hair.

13. The couple who don’t love each other anymore.

14. The boy with the skateboard.

15. You, in a hurry.

Keep your doubts. You know we really wouldn’t want that. You know, in your heart, what we are after is your certainty. We long for it. So cling to your doubts. Go on. Do it.



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